Friday, June 12, 2009

Lord of the 10 rings....

I can not wait long enough for the Lakers to finish off this series. There was a time when I thought the Magic could pull this off, but after watching them kinda self destruct in OT....again, I'm more than confident enough to say that I think Phil Jackson is going to win this series. 2 days off before playing game 5 in LA. Odds are in Phil's favor now.

Let me be clear that I'm rooting for Phil Jackson...not the Lakers. I want Phil Jackson to have 10 for each a head coach. I know he has eleven total, 2 as a player and 9 as a head coach. One for each finger. I want Phil to be able to go to some upstart punk like Marbury or D Wade and wave both hands in their face and say, "TEN BITCHES!"

Ok, now I want to talk Iphone. Who has one? Jay I know you do, but what I'm specifically asking is how is the battery life...really. All the tech geeks, who load it full of shit and then say it's runs out constantly. I want to really know, from regular users, how is the battery life. 1 day, 2 days, etc. I'm wavering on getting one. 99 bux is not a bad price now.

Anyone know of any good Warhammer 4ok tournaments going on in the Illinois area? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

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  1. Pull the iPhone trigger. $99 is a hell of a deal. As long as you are smart about the usage (not using it for constant texting, hitting the web for hours at a time, and it isn't constantly checking for emails) the battery is pretty solid. I can get a full day out of the previous night's charge. Don't know how apps might change all that since I have a decent amount, but none that I use regularly.