Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting Older?

Okay...I really thought I knew myself. I got up this morning to cranberry muffins baking. Rebecca (my lovely wife) enjoys making breakfast for the family on weekends. A few minutes after I got up, the buzzer goes off and here comes said wife with 2 muffins for me....with butter. I know, I know. "Wow" you're saying. Would your significant other, or insignificant other as the case may be, butter your morning muffins? Would they??? Would they really??

Rebecca and the kids are fighting over who needs to clean the children's bedrooms. Brennah feels that since Braeden made the mess in her room, she should make him clean it. Braeden wants his mother to clean his room because he stepped on Superman and hurt his foot. I clean the living room and even break out the vaccum and quickly run it over the floor.

After finishing the living room, I have a decision to make. Break out the new GW Commissar Lord I need to paint, go lay down in the bedroom, or help the kids clean their rooms. Two of these decisions will no doubt get me in trouble with the misses, who has a wedding to go to later and "doesn't have time to clean up after her three children". I should take offense, but been there, done that...and it does not lead to French Toast with warm mayple syrup on Sunday morning.

My decision??? You would think it was suck up the anger and just sit down and start to paint? But no...I actually decide to go outside and mow the lawn??? What the Hell??? Being the weekend, I should want to be lazy and enjoy the time. But I actually brave the heat to make my lawn look just a little bit better. I tell ya....I really must be getting old. The Jason I know just wants to relax and veg out on the weekends. Some where with this age comes responsibility and a small case of pride in my house, or at least the way it looks to everyone else.

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  1. I kinda feel ya....doesn't mean you couldn't have painted after the lawn :). Hell I might even grow up and even clean the apt before you and Andy show up....