Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Away a long time

Well, seems like I've been neglecting my blog for far too long. Life just has a way a pushing these little projects of mine aside. This time (I know I've said this before) I'm going to make an effort to keep this going.

Well what's new...picked a few new games...Starcraft 2, Blood Bowl: Legend...wait for it....dary Edition. Starcraft, what can I say. Classic! Not much are as far a new but the story was fun to play and I just can't hate this game. Still love playing with the crew multiplayer. Some new units and some old units gone. I miss the Wraiths in multiplayer.

Blood Bowl. In my humble opinion another classic. If you love the board game then you'll like the computer version. There's a real time version to the game that I haven't tried yet cause I'm scared that I might like a real time version of this turn based game. One day I'll brave that option and see what the hubbub is. All the races are there. I'm digging some Norse beat downs though I did get my ass handed to me by a Lizardman team the other day. The multi-player was a little confusing to figure out but once I did it seemed to flow real nice especially with trying to play with a comrade.

Picked up a new Droid phone awhile back. The Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. I must say that some people have labeled it the iPhone killer but I personally feel that it doesn't take much to kill the iPhone. It's a 16gb phone with an upgradable microSD slot up to 32gb which give you a total of 48gb. That in itself is a Sonic Kick to the iPhone. The apps are there in the Droid Market. I really haven't found an app I couldn't get on the Droid, though I'm not the tech junkie that some of these yahoos are. I must say that I do loves me the Captivate.

RPG front...let see...started using the Obsidian Portal sight which is a fantastic tool for GM's. Created a page for my Shadowrun campaign that allows me to post updates to the players without having to worry about if I sent the wrong email to the wrong person. Allows me to jot down notes that I can access where ever there is an internet connections. There's an adventure log for the players to edit so they can keep track of what they've done in their campaign. Just a lovely tool if you're a GM.

Well that's all so far. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. Gonna be heading to a friends house for orphan Thanksgiving where I think Cash & Guns and Creationary are on tap for entertainment. Maybe some Win, Place or Show. Creationary, if you haven't picked it up is a friggin' awesome game especially if you love Legos. It's basically Pictionary with Legos. How awesome is that? Anyways Happy Thanksgiving everyone!