Thursday, March 3, 2011

Late again

Well I had hopes of writing something before I took a little vacation but alas....didn't happen.  So while I'm fighting a battle with jet lag I thought I'd drop a few lines.  Hmmmm, what's new in my geek world....well I did nearly finish my Ork fleet for Uncharted Seas though I still have to snap some shots of them.  All the destroyer and cruisers are done, all I have to do is finish up the battleship and life will be good.

I saw that Fantasy Flight is coming out with another expansion for Arkham Horror.  That'll make 4 board expansions now.  I'm not sure if my group will try and put all the boards together.  We tried with the first two expansion and it was just killer.  Having to get people to the other boards just trying to stop all the bad things for popping off....uggh, plus I don't know if anyone has a table big enough to put the whole damn thing one..the original hardly has enough room on a 4x6 table.  Miskatonic Horror, can't wait to try it out though. It's supposed to have new injuries and extra cards for some of the expansions and new investigators.  It'll be a blast no matter what.

Now to Rome.  We used my friend's companion passes that works for United.  So basically we got to fly in the cushy international business class.  Not too shabby, especially when it's an overnight and you can turn your seat into a bed and have unlimited drinks.  We did have to wait a bit to check into our hotel so we decided to do some walking around.  Our first stop put us at the Pantheon, which I like but I wasn't overwhelmed by it.  The age of the thing is more awe inspiring than the building itself is, in my opinion.  I still think it's a thing that needs to be seen if you have not seen it yet. After that we took a little walk to this gelato place my friend Amanda sent me too.  Giolitti's.   I'm not such the aficionado that I can discern the difference between bad gelato and good, but I know this stuff has to be good, cause the couple of times I've tried gelato, it seemed that all I was eating was ice cream.  This stuff, not so.  I recommend this place if you do go to Rome.  After that it was close to the time where we could check in to our hotel so we walked by the Trevi Fountain on our way back.  Now this time impressed me.  The sculptures themselves and the integration into the building.  It was just amazing.  Can't say enough about it.

On the agenda today?  Probably the Coloseum and places surrounding.....

Friday, January 14, 2011

What If....

So I've been working on my Demons of Chaos army list.  I figured I'd do a 1000 pts first and then go up from there.  Now with the new rules, it's impossible to get a good hero for demons and the way I figure it you'd need at least 3000 to get a good lord.  Either way I'm excited to get this thing going.  So here's the unveiling.  


The Blue Scribes Of Tzeentch  

Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle


15 Pink Horrors with Musician, Standard Bearer and Changling
- Icon of Sorcery

15 Plaguebearers with command squad 
        - Icon of Eternal Virulence


3 Screamers  


5 Flamers

I had initially went with 2 10 man units of Pink Horrors and a 10 man unit of Plaguebearers but after a discussion with my buddy Jeff, I let him talk me into staying with my original design of a 15 man unit of Pink Horrors and a 15 man unit of Plague Bearers.  Let me know what you guys think.....

Today I was having a discussion with my buddy Stu about what if Cliff Burton hadn't died and someone else from Metallica died instead.  I personally would throw my dart at Lars.  Stu said Hammett.  Then the conversation went to who would replace them which then warped to who would the ultimate thrash band make up would be.  So we came up with the format for the ultimate thrash band to comprise 1 vocalist, 2 guitars, bass and drums.  Stu's list went like this.

Drums:  Dave Lombardo (Slayer)
Bass:  Cliff Burton (Metallica)
Guitar:   Scott Ian (Anthrax)
Guitar:  Jeff Hannemann (Slayer)
Vocalist:  Max Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulfly) or Laura Nichol (Light This City)

I find it very interesting that Stu would go with a female lead vocalist...not something I would go with in the Ultimate Thrash my line up would be this

Drums:  Vinnie Paul (Pantera)
Bass:  Vince Hornsby (Sevendust)
Guitar:  Scott Ian (Anthrax)
Guitar:  Alex Skolnick (Testament)
Vocalist:  Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)

Now I chose Vinnie Paul cause the guy has a great groove to his drumming.  Whether he's 32nd noting it or laying down a 4/4, it's just rock solid.  Vince Hornsby is also a great  groove bassist.  He's not the most technical but he lays down a nice groove that flows with the drums.  Praise and Beautiful off Sevendust's Animosity album are excellent examples.  Now Scott Ian is just an icon in the industry and what I would say is the most under rated guitarist in the genre.  The guy is rock solid as a rhythm guitarist and really holds the song together when Danny Spitz is wailing.  The guy is concrete.  These 3 together would be a bomb shelter....solid and unbreakable as a rhythm section.

For a lead guitarist I went back and forth with who I would put in this slot if I was putting together the band.  After long thought I chose either Diamond Darrell or Alex Skolnick as my final two and decided to go with Skolnick because he's just a little more technical than Diamond.  That's not to say that Diamond isn't an excellent player.  The guys is an icon in his own right but I'm more partial to the more technical shredder.  Must be the educated musician in me.  

Vocalist was another debate in my own head.  I had this narrowed down to either Chuck Billy or Corey Taylor.  Now Chuck Billy is a beast and he can be melodic when he wants to be.  Return To Serenity is a good example but it's not my favorite song from Testament.  In the end I chose Corey Taylor because he can growl and he can sing equally well while in my opinion Chuck Billy's strength is in his growl as it should be.

Well that's my Ultimate Thrash Band and I would love to hear what other people would come up with if you like this genre of music.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New determination

Soooooo.  I guess with the new year comes a new determination to paint muh figs.  So as we chatted yesterday morning about getting my Ork fleet done for Uncharted seas, I actually finished a small model.  It's actually my test model to see if I liked what I would do.

So with the Dwarf fleet I went for a clean look because well they're dwarves and they likes themselves some craftsmanship.  With the Orks I went with a more feral feel.  I, hopefully, tried to get a green wood look, like the orks didn't care what kind of tree they cut down.  "Let's jus git da boats dun and kill sum 'oomies!" kind of attitude.  I hope the look works.  Here is a shot of the finished product.

Probably not the best shot but I'm tired and I'll try and get a new shot up in the morning.  I really need to get better at shooting models.  Well on to paint the other 5!  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011?! Already!?

Well we are in 2011.  It's almost been a whole week already.  I don't know where to start.  Do I start with the NFL playoffs? Upcoming projects? Upcoming games that need to be played.  I think I'll start with a little football.

So the regular NFL season has ended and the playoffs begin this weekend.  We'll start with the game I'm most interested in.  Eagles vs. Packers.  Being a Chicago fan I'm hoping the Packers get their asses kicked. Now to be a realist, its been shown that the Eagles can fall apart if you pressure Vick something fierce.  The Bears did it, and then the Vikings did it.  I mean the VIKINGS!  That's a team you shouldn't have to lose to as horrible as they were but the Eagles did.  Now the Packers have a pretty good defense so I'm betting that the Packer will roll over the Eagles though I'd rather have the Bears play the Eagles in round 2.  The next game I would throw money at is the Saints vs. the Seahawks.  A team with a losing record in the playoffs.  While this is kinda ridiculous in itself I do agree with Tony Dungy.  Winners of the division deserve to be in there or winning the division means nothing and if that's the case why have divisions.  All signs point to the Saints winning and normally I would agree. I'm really hoping for some crazy upset win.  It is the playoff for god's sake.

The AFC.  Not a fan.  Though I would like to see the Jets beat the Colts cause Indiana is too close to Illinois and I can't stand the Colt fans running in my city.  Reality again.  Don't think the Jets can do it and Sanchez is not Manning yet....if ever.  The other game is the Chiefs vs the Ravens.  I would love to see the Chiefs go all the way. Ravens are strong and I do hates me some Ravens also but I also don't think KC has enough to beat the Ravens, the Steelers, and the Pats.  That's just a lot to go through.

Upcoming projects.  I've got two on my plate right now.  Started on my Ork fleet for Uncharted Seas.  I'm working on a test model at this time and I will get some pics up shortly after I get it done.  Concurrent to that is my Demon army for Warhammer.  I'm putting together a small host to use at the Adepticon Warhammer team tourney.  Though I'm not sure I'm enthused to play in the team tournament.  I've been asked by a couple of people to team up. I'm just not sure I can pull the gumption to play.  I will have the army ready in case said people would really like me to play.  I can't let the friends down.  Got a couple of units of Pink Horrors and Plague Bearers to paint.  When I get my list finalized I'll post and hopefully some of you will critique and advise.

So I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and here's to a great 2011 for everyone.  Skooch get home soon.  Gen Con is calling.