Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It was a good game...

Well what can I say....as soon as Phil Jackson gets 10 championship rings I can stop rooting for the Lakers. In all honesty, Denver had that game in the bag. They dominated almost all 4 quarters and then they unraveled. Carmello pushed Kobe around like a little girl but it was nice to watch the physical game between the two. Denver was right in it till the inbound steal by the Lakers that shut the door on the Nuggets.

Now my latest heartbreak. The Blackhawks. Boo. Though I really really really want the Hawks to win, they're a young team, and the Red Wings are the reigning champs. This second meeting was a great game. Lost by one in OT. I'll give Detroit they're props. If any sports team in Detroit is consistant, it's the Red Wings. Still I'd have rather had the Hawks play Anaheim with home field advantage.

So we've been playing the Arkham Horror campaign that Fantasy Flight has put out. It's the second campaign they put out. For those of you who don't know about the campaign, it's a storyline that makes you use certain aspects and expansions of the Arkham Horror series. I'm really digging it and my gaming group is enjoying it also. When we're finally done with the story line maybe I'll post our results in story form. Maybe.

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