Friday, May 22, 2009

Time does not stand still...

Well I've been waiting a bit before commenting on some of the movies that have come out in the past month. Let me start with the new Star Trek movie. I'll go on record and say that I did like it. Enough that I went and saw it on IMAX for a second viewing. I see the points where they tried to stay canon. Capt. Pike showing up was nice and seeing Kirk as kind of a punk before stepping up to be a man was kinda cool. There are only two things in this movie that are negatives. The first one is not that big and can be directly related to the second. First off I'm not sure how I feel about Spock and Uhura knocking boots. I find it weird, but doesn't take too much away from the movie for me. Second, is there ever gonna be a Star Trek movie that doesn't involve the friggin' Time/Space continuum? Couldn't we have a Star Trek movie without someone from the future coming back to the past. Hell Spock alone should have 25,000 frequent Time/Space Continuum flyer miles enough to last the next 2 movies. Again I'll say it didn't really ruin the movie for me, but I'm just saying.

Second movie I would like to talk about is Wolverine: Origins. Now I'm not the biggest Wolverine fan, in fact my favorite X-Man is Cyclops, not the whiny Cyclops from the movie but the solid leader from the comic books. Still I went because it is a comic book movie and I like to see how these pan out. Hell I even rented the most horrible Capt. America movie on VHS tape no less. As expected Wolverine kicks the shit outta everything. I did like that Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool though I didn't like the movie adaptation of Doomsday. I personally would've liked to see Ryan let loose before becoming Deadpool, though I've read he's coming back to reprise the role in his own movie. If they let him be Van Wilder with bad ass sword moves I think it'll be a great movie. Liev played a great Sabretooth, much better than that mook they had in the first X-Men movie. Going back to Deadpool the only thing I didn't like was that he had Cyclops' eye blasts and the extending swords from his hands. The thing I love about Deadpool is he's a sarcastic bad ass, so let him be one! (edited because of sleepy and stupidity.)

Now to sports....Denver-Lakers....this is turning up to be a great series. Holy crap. I thought Barkley might've lost his mind but Denver is here to play and this time they didn't screw up. I know a lot of people are placing the laurel on Kobe but Carmello is playing and cancelling out the Kobe factor and it seems to me that the Lakers bench is not stepping up, but not as bad as the Cavs bench. LeBron rocks 40+ points and they still lose? That third half was re-cock-u-lous! You might as well had LeBron out there by himself with 4 dead bodies as much as his teammates were moving around. In my opinion all that did was make the bench cold so when LeBron shuffled a pass to them and they took a shot, they missed. Turrible, just turrible.


  1. Good points all around, Chopper. One thing though - Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool, not Doomsday. Doomsday is the big moster who killed Superman :-)

  2. Damn, I knew that. See what happens when you blog at 2 in the am.

  3. What, that would have only been like midnight here...

    The idea of Deadpool killing Superman is amusing though.