Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seasons Ending..

Well I've finally caught up with the Tivo, watched all the season finales so far and now I'm left with the decisions of which shows to continue watching and which ones to get rid of. I guess I'll start with Dollhouse only because I've been scanning the web and I've seen that they've renewed it for another season. Just let me point out how on the fence I am about this show is that I never even really DVR'd the show. I would just watch it at work on Hulu.

So I was never into Joss Whedon shows. I never dug Buffy or Angel, though I do love me some Firefly and I thought Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog was genius so to be honest I didn't even realize this was Joss Whedon show until I saw the credits. I basically started watching it because Eliza Dushku was in it and she's number 3 on the stalk list. If you haven't watch the finale you can stop reading here. While throughout the show I was like it's ok, it never really knocked my socks off. It is very interesting concept though. Tailor made companions, all you have to do is pay a lot of money, tell them what you want and boom you got a hot woman who loves to play video games and laser tag. So the main bad guy is a guy named Alpha who one of the original dolls, who you find out is actually a criminal that they used to trial the program. So long story short, he loses it, kills a bunch of people and is the bad guy behind the scenes. In the season finale you find out he's Wash from Firefly. Now as an actor I like this guy. His character in Firefly was awesome and my favorite. As Alpha, a bad ass killer/computer hacker/schizophrenic, I'm not so sure of. Still undecided if I'm going to continue watching this show, though now that Alan Tudyk is a character, I'm leaning towards continuing though I doubt I'm going to DVR it, I'll just continue to watch it on Hulu as time permits.

Now I come to Supernatural. Season 4 done and I've got to say it's really gotten me excited about the show again. Season 3 wasn't bad but it definately lost me a little. With the bringing in of Angels, flawed some of them, was a great idea. Now what I really love about the angels being brought in is that they got some kind of coup going on. What they're shooting for I can't guess but I'm sure we'll learn more in season 5 since you find out that the upper echelon angels are actually helping the bad guys release Lucifer from Hell. My guess though, is maybe the delusional Archangels think that if they defeat Lucifer that Heaven will come to Earth and bring them closer to God since a couple of times they mentioned that they can't believe humans are God's favorite. Who knows, but I am excited to see what comes next and next season is 5 so syndication here they come. So I'm hoping for a big season if the rumors are true that it will be the last season. My favorite character of the last season is the prophet Chuck. Chuck in the show has been writing comics about the Winchester boys and they find one and figure the guys must be some kind of psychic. When they confront him they find out from the angels that he's one of God's prophets Charles. Still makes me grin when I think about a comic book writer being a prophet.

While there are other shows that I do love I'm just going to finish up with Chuck since we were just talking about the Prophet Chuck. Love this show and I'm glad it was picked up for a 3rd season. I love the fact that Scott Bakula gets to be the father, is the creator of the Intersect and is a spy. So after months of trying to find the guy who created the Intesect, you find out it's his dad that created it and turns out to be a spy. Chuck finally get the Intersect outta his head with the help of his dad only to get it put back in but upgraded to be more bad assed as at the end of the season finale, Chuck lays down the whoop ass on 6 rogue agents and ends with him saying "I know kung fu!" Great cliffhanger. While NBC only renewed just for 13 episode I hope they'll see the light and order the other half to make it a full season. Just really bother me that there can be 37 seasons of Shit Survivor, but a decent show that cares about the storytelling and just doesn't ride the comedy along barely makes it along. Let me just say that that Sarah Lancaster is pretty hot and might just make the top 10 on my stalk list.


  1. Being a Tudyk fan, did you see that he is in the remake of V, along with Morena Baccarin?

  2. No I did not know about that?! I'll definitely have to look that one up. Thanks for the tip!