Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011?! Already!?

Well we are in 2011.  It's almost been a whole week already.  I don't know where to start.  Do I start with the NFL playoffs? Upcoming projects? Upcoming games that need to be played.  I think I'll start with a little football.

So the regular NFL season has ended and the playoffs begin this weekend.  We'll start with the game I'm most interested in.  Eagles vs. Packers.  Being a Chicago fan I'm hoping the Packers get their asses kicked. Now to be a realist, its been shown that the Eagles can fall apart if you pressure Vick something fierce.  The Bears did it, and then the Vikings did it.  I mean the VIKINGS!  That's a team you shouldn't have to lose to as horrible as they were but the Eagles did.  Now the Packers have a pretty good defense so I'm betting that the Packer will roll over the Eagles though I'd rather have the Bears play the Eagles in round 2.  The next game I would throw money at is the Saints vs. the Seahawks.  A team with a losing record in the playoffs.  While this is kinda ridiculous in itself I do agree with Tony Dungy.  Winners of the division deserve to be in there or winning the division means nothing and if that's the case why have divisions.  All signs point to the Saints winning and normally I would agree. I'm really hoping for some crazy upset win.  It is the playoff for god's sake.

The AFC.  Not a fan.  Though I would like to see the Jets beat the Colts cause Indiana is too close to Illinois and I can't stand the Colt fans running in my city.  Reality again.  Don't think the Jets can do it and Sanchez is not Manning yet....if ever.  The other game is the Chiefs vs the Ravens.  I would love to see the Chiefs go all the way. Ravens are strong and I do hates me some Ravens also but I also don't think KC has enough to beat the Ravens, the Steelers, and the Pats.  That's just a lot to go through.

Upcoming projects.  I've got two on my plate right now.  Started on my Ork fleet for Uncharted Seas.  I'm working on a test model at this time and I will get some pics up shortly after I get it done.  Concurrent to that is my Demon army for Warhammer.  I'm putting together a small host to use at the Adepticon Warhammer team tourney.  Though I'm not sure I'm enthused to play in the team tournament.  I've been asked by a couple of people to team up. I'm just not sure I can pull the gumption to play.  I will have the army ready in case said people would really like me to play.  I can't let the friends down.  Got a couple of units of Pink Horrors and Plague Bearers to paint.  When I get my list finalized I'll post and hopefully some of you will critique and advise.

So I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and here's to a great 2011 for everyone.  Skooch get home soon.  Gen Con is calling.

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