Friday, January 7, 2011

New determination

Soooooo.  I guess with the new year comes a new determination to paint muh figs.  So as we chatted yesterday morning about getting my Ork fleet done for Uncharted seas, I actually finished a small model.  It's actually my test model to see if I liked what I would do.

So with the Dwarf fleet I went for a clean look because well they're dwarves and they likes themselves some craftsmanship.  With the Orks I went with a more feral feel.  I, hopefully, tried to get a green wood look, like the orks didn't care what kind of tree they cut down.  "Let's jus git da boats dun and kill sum 'oomies!" kind of attitude.  I hope the look works.  Here is a shot of the finished product.

Probably not the best shot but I'm tired and I'll try and get a new shot up in the morning.  I really need to get better at shooting models.  Well on to paint the other 5!  

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